HURRICANES  In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma I was among the 5% of the population with power and my house sustained minor damages. So when someone gifted me 10 gallons of gasoline and a pair of rubber boots I jumped to join (with my camera) relief efforts. People-to-people assistance where FEMA and other official convoys hadn’t reached yet. We went to East Naples and migrant camps located in the outskirts of our city with food, water, and other supplies. Here are a few of the dramatic moments when givers and receivers met.
Margarita Claro
  MAYAN SOULS  it’s about a group of Mayan women in Florida who organized themselves to provide empowerment classes to women and girls locally and in Guatemala. Some of these women are survivors of human trafficking. Their stories are heartbreaking but also of hope as they discovered that their power was always within themselves and that love has no boundaries.
Bobbie C. Billie
Dara Albert